By maqui

I wanna be a ghost, and walk in the city. No problem, :) Nobody can see me. Come on, leave everithing and scape with me, no one else, just you and me, like ghosts. We don´t nead anithing, we have eachother, i have you and you have me, that´s all. We can do whatever we wont. Let´s scape toghether. You are my dream, my reality, my fantasy. That´s it, we´ll be ghost, you and me (L), Nobody can hurt us, because our love make us unpunished to any pain. We are so happy, we have a perfect life, i love yu and you love me too, that´s all we care about, we are like in a fairytale. But it´s just that, a fairytale, a dream, because i´ll never have you. D

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